how to restore WhatsApp chat best guide for 2023

how to restore WhatsApp chat Many people lose their WhatsApp data due to various reasons. Sometimes they even lose their very important data. 
We will be discussing some tips and tricks related to that today read the complete article to understand how to backup WhatsApp chat
 From now on, whenever you reinstall WhatsApp on your phone, your data will be restored.
Let’s get started.

how to restore whatsapp chat in hindi

how to restore whatsapp chat

When we install Whatsapp on our phones, we have one way to recover our messages 
If you don’t want to lose your data when uninstalling WhatsApp For that, you will need to connect your phone to your Gmail account and enable chat backup. This will allow you to make a backup of your chats Here is how you can do it.

how to turn on backup in whatsapp ?

You can turn on data backup by going to the Whatsapp app and clicking on the three dots located at the right top corner 

Navigate to settings >> than chats >> then you will see an option for chat backup at the bottom,  click that 
You will be asked to enter the email address you registered with your phone now. 
for more see the screenshot. how to restore whatsapp chat

Furthermore, it asks you how often you want to take a backup of your chats 

Because I selected daily, it automatically takes a backup at night, but for that, you need to turn on your internet connection first, otherwise, it will resume taking backups whenever it detects an internet connection. 

When you reinstall your Whatsapp it will ask you if you want to take a backup of your previous chats or not if you click to restore your old messages will come back, so this was the solution I hope you guys like it. 

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